Worldwide WMMT5-DX+ Top Players

This project is currently in an alpha stage and is still under development. The page looks rather plain now but this will change with the flow of time. Use the dropdown below to choose a course rankings you wish to view. If you have any questions or bug reports you may use any of the links in the bottom of the page.

I now have an official Discord server for this project!
Feel free to join if you wish to follow development and discussion by using this link:
Dear Bandai Namco,
A game update for North America would be nice by the way... :^(
How these leaderboards work:
Points are generated off the top 100 times for each individual course in the game.
You get points based on your vehicle placement in the top 100 per course.
The breakdown for the points is very simple:

First Place: 20 points
Second Place: 18 points
Third Place: 16 points
Top 10: 10 points
Top 50: 5 points
Top 100: 1 points

For example: If you have 1 #1 spot in the TA rankings and 8 top 10 spots in other courses you receive a total of 50 points.
You will only receive points from only 1 of the conditions above. So if you're first place the most you'll receive is 10 points.
Rank Name Car Level Title Country Points
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